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How to use up Leftover Yogurt: Zero Waste Cooking

7th November, 2023

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Explore some delicious and creative ways to repurpose leftover yogurt. Minimise waste by incorporating it into substantial meals, treats and more. Learn straightforward recipes and tricks that won't just save you money but also align with a more sustainable kitchen.

1. Creamy Dips

Why not make the most of your leftover natural yogurt by crafting a luscious yogurt-based dip that's just the way you like it?

The Clandeboye Yoghurt Feta Dip recipe shows how you can take your leftover natural yogurt and whip up a delicious, creamy dip. You'll need 5 tablespoons of natural or Greek Clandeboye Yoghurt, along with cucumber, fresh mint leaves, garlic, feta cheese, and some salt and pepper to taste. Feel free to adjust the ingredients to suit your taste. This is a healthier alternative instead of using soured cream.

Blog Image Leftover Yoghurt Feta Dip

2. Sauces

A great recipe for the festive season is our Clandeboye Yoghurt Brandy Sauce which is both uncomplicated and quick to prepare using your remaining yogurt. It pairs wonderfully with a mince pie for a delightful holiday treat. Simply take your leftover yogurt and mix with brandy and Demerara sugar.

Blog Image Leftover Yoghurt Brandy Sauce

3. Potato Salad

Potato salad is another great way to put your leftover yogurt to good use. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve got three simple potato salad recipes from Kim Close.

  • The Olivier Potato Salad is a hearty salad that typically includes potatoes, vegetables and meat, all mixed together using Clandeboye Greek Style Yoghurt, creating that perfect creamy dressing.

  • Our Zesty Lime-Basil Potato Salad is refreshing and flavourful, making a delicious starter or side dish. It’s crafted using simple ingredients, including Comber Earlies Potatoes, Clandeboye Greek Style Yoghurt, fresh basil, avocado, lime, and salt and pepper to taste.

Choosing Greek yogurt instead of mayo for your potato salad is a healthier move. According to Live Strong, it's also a good way to get more protein into your diet.

Blog Image Leftover Yoghurt Potato Salad

4. Marinate Chicken

Use your leftover yogurt with some spices, garlic, lemon, or herbs to make a tasty meat marinade. Give our Lemon-Yoghurt Chicken Skewers recipe a try to see how yogurt can both flavour your meat and make it tender. The yogurt, lemon, and spices give the chicken a tangy and aromatic marinade that makes it taste great. It's a simple way to make your dish better, so every skewer is delicious.

Blog Image Leftover Yoghurt Chicken Skewers

5. Yogurt Baked Goods

Adding yogurt into cake batter can result in a wonderfully moist cake sponge. Our Yoghurt and Pecan Picnic Slice incorporates Clandeboye Natural Yoghurt in the batter mix, a simple ‘wet-into-dry’ bake that comes together in minutes.

Blog Image Leftover Yoghurt Pecan Slice

We've got another delicious yogurt-based baked treat for you: Our Chocolate Espresso Cake. Simply add your leftover yogurt to the cake mix to create a moist and flavorful dessert that combines the creamy yogurt with the rich chocolate and bold espresso flavours.

Blog Image Leftover Yoghurt Chocolate Cake

6. Salad Dressing

Don't let your leftover yogurt go to waste – turn it into a tasty salad dressing. Just mix the yogurt with lemon juice, olive oil, a pinch of chilli flakes, and some salt and pepper for seasoning. Give our Crab Cakes with Yogurt and Olive Oil Dressing a try. It's not only a delicious meal but also a way to use up your leftovers and minimise food waste.

Blog Image Leftover Yoghurt Salad Dressing

7. Breakfast Topping

Natural yogurt serves as an excellent choice for enhancing your breakfast, whether you enjoy it on porridge, sprinkled over a hearty serving of granola or mixed into overnight oats. It adds a creamy and tangy dimension to your morning meal while providing a dose of essential nutrients. So why not use that leftover yogurt on our Apple and Pear Porridge for a substantial breakfast.

Blog Image Leftover Yoghurt Porridge

8. Flatbread/Pizza Base

Combine your leftover natural yogurt and self-raising flour with a pinch of salt to make a dough. Press or roll into a flat disc, then use as a pizza base or cook for a few minutes on each side in a frying pan until puffed and browned. This would pair perfectly with our Indian Spiced Beef and Yoghurt Lime Pickle Sauce.

Blog Image Leftover Yoghurt Flatbread

9. Smoothies

Blend the amount of yogurt you have left with fruits, honey, and a bit of ice for a creamy and nutritious smoothie. Yogurt is an excellent ingredient for creating a balanced and flavorful smoothie that can be enjoyed as a wholesome snack or a satisfying breakfast option.

Blog Image Leftover Yoghurt Smoothie

10. Frozen Yogurt

Simply turn that leftover yogurt into a delicious frozen treat. Frozen yogurt offers a refreshing alternative to traditional ice cream or sugary snacks. Spread the yogurt with various toppings on a baking sheet, freeze until it solidifies then break into chucks for a crunchy frozen yogurt bark snack.

Blog Image Leftover Yoghurt Frozen

We'd love to hear about how you've used your leftover yogurt! Whether you've created your own recipe or tried one of our suggestions, share your experiences with us on Instagram @clandeboye_yoghurt or Facebook @Clandeboyeyoghurt and share your creations, whether you came up with your own recipe or tried one of our recommendations - We’d love to see!