Our Pet Hall of Fame

30th January, 2023

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Of course everyone loves adorable pet pics, but we think some of the best ones have a pot of Clandeboye Yoghurt somewhere in the shot. Check out the pets below that made it into our hall-of-fame following a Facebook giveaway. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest creamery updates, exciting giveaways, and lots more!

Charlie (pictured above) was chosen at random as the winner of our giveaway - thanks again to follower Audrey McClements for your entry. Continue reading to see a selection of other entries that we loved!

"Is there something on my snout?"

Marley wasted no time getting the mighty snout straight into the Clandeboye Authentically-Strained Greek Style Yoghurt tub! Thanks to Mary Lennon for sharing.


Toffee-Nosed Phoebe

Phoebe was very polite as she tried some Clandeboye Toffee Yoghurt - thanks Kirk Pam!

Molly the Moggy

Lots of action shots from Molly enjoying her Raspberry & White Chocolate Greek Style Yoghurt. Thanks Janet McAleer!


Small-But-Mighty Monty

Small but mighty Monty tucks into his Madagascan Vanilla Greek Style yoghurt. Thanks Caroline Morris!


Eyes on the Prize

Thanks to Christina Murray for sharing! Patiently waiting for a taste of the Mango & Nectarine Greek Style Yoghurt tub.

Christina Murray