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Health Benefits of Greek Style Yoghurt

1st November, 2022

Clandeboye 25

Our Clandeboye Greek Style Yoghurt is the perfect compliment to the flavoursome crunch of the granola - for a delicious ready-to-eat snack. Our yoghurt is authentically strained through cheesecloth to give it that rich, creamy taste without the need to add cream to achieve that texture.

Our yoghurt and granola pots are ideal to have as a quick and easy breakfast food or a snack throughout the day - but have you ever wondered what health benefits come alongside the tasty pairing?

We decided to explore our greek style yoghurt and granola pots and the nutritional value of these - continue reading if you’d like to learn more!

The Gut Microbiome and Greek Style Yoghurt

Our gut microbiome is made up of trillions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria and it plays a very important role in our overall health. The different bacteria found here helps to control our heart, brain and gut health, as well as digestion and the overall immune system, so keeping track of the good bacteria you feed your body is very important.

Probiotics are known as the good gut bacteria because they compete for space and food against harmful bacteria and prevent them from settling in the gut. They can help our bodies to digest food and absorb nutrients, and produce several vitamins in the intestinal tract. Too much bad bacteria in the gut can harm the various organ systems in the human body.

A negative balance of bacteria in the gut directly affects our organs, bodies, and overall health and can contribute to weight gain, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and other disorders.

Our authentically strained Natural Greek Style Yoghurt can help you achieve a healthy bacterial balance in your gut by providing natural probiotics. Having probiotics in your digestive system can help with any digestive issues, and help build the numbers of healthy bacteria in your gut. Consuming probiotics like our greek style yoghurt may improve your digestive system’s ability to handle a wide variety of foods too.

In summary, adding some Yoghurt and Granola to your weekly grocery shop will help to keep your gut microbiome, and your tastebuds, happier.

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Fibre, Protein and Macronutrients

As well as probiotics, the granola and greek style yoghurt combo is also high in a variety of essential nutrients. Both yoghurt and granola are excellent sources of fibre, providing numerous benefits to the digestive system such as aiding digestion, preventing constipation and keeping us feeling fuller for longer. Foods with a high amount of fibre may also reduce your risk of health problems such as heart disease.

Interestingly, the good bacteria in your microbiome feeds off of fibre which helps them flourish - which means the probiotic and fibre mix from our yoghurt pots make the the perfect snack for improving our gut health overall.

Greek style yoghurt is a good source of protein which helps to keep us feeling full for longer, and aids the growth, repair and maintenance in the body. Having a high protein diet is important for just about every process in the body, so our pots are a quick and tasty way to increase your intake for the day.

Our greek style yoghurt is also full of vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and choline.

Greek yoghurt provides a significant amount of calcium, which is important for healthy bones, teeth, hormone release, muscle contraction, blood vessel function and blood clotting. Calcium is the most common mineral in your body and most of it is in your skeleton.

Magnesium helps with energy production, while potassium plays a vital role in nervous system function and muscle contraction. Phosphorus helps with bone growth and normal cell membrane function. Choline, a B vitamin, assists with biological processes such as fat and cholesterol transport, as well as energy metabolism.

Fruit Compote

Our Greek Style Yoghurt & Granola Pots come with either a mango or strawberry flavour compote which adds a delicious fruity flavour. The fruit compote adds a delicious natural sweetness to the yoghurt and granola combination. Both our mango and strawberry compotes contain 70% real fruit, making them an easy way to include fruit in your daily diet.

Fruit compotes also contain soluble fibre meaning they are easily digestible and can help with constipation or digestive issues. They are also rich in vitamin C which is responsible for boosting the immune system and increasing the body's resistance to various viruses and infections.

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Improves Sleep Quality

Interestingly greek style yoghurt contains an amino acid called tryptophan, which can help you to feel drowsier before you head to bed. After you eat foods rich in tryptophan, your body converts it into serotonin and melatonin which can promote a restful night’s sleep. So you can enjoy a delicious and filling snack which can help you fall asleep easier - perfect!

Our Pedigree Herd

Another important factor to mention is our award-winning herd of pedigree Holstein and Jersey cows who are behind the delicious Clandeboye Greek Style Yoghurt and Granola pots. The welfare and happiness of our herd are very important to us - and we believe it's a big part of what makes the yoghurt taste so good!

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