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Clandeboye Yoghurt’s Plastic Reduction Initiative

27th September, 2023

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At Clandeboye Yoghurt we recognise that not only do we have a role to play in the protection of our local environment here in Country Down, we can also make a positive contribution to the global environment.

Sustainable Practices

Conducting our business in a sustainable manner is extremely important to us and that’s why ahead of building our new creamery we invested £1.5 million on the installation of a renewable energy system which provides both our electricity and hot water. This has significantly reduced our carbon emissions by an estimated 39 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

One year on from the move to our new production facility we have taken steps to remove 4.7 tonnes of single use plastic from our supply chain, we have achieved this by reducing the amount of plastic used when transporting our products. We have now been considering the other ways in which we can minimise our environmental impact.

Plastic Reduction Initiative

In October 2023 we will be removing the single use plastic lids from our 450g of large pots in both our Natural Yoghurt and Greek Yoghurt ranges.

By taking this small step we will remove a minimum of 2.5 tonnes of single use plastic per year. In 5 years alone that would equate to the weight of 20 of our beloved pedigree Holstein’s!

Embracing Reusable Lids

We recognise that some of our customers might be concerned about the freshness of their yoghurt when storing in the fridge once opened.

Fear not, there are a number of ways you can keep your yoghurt covered until the spoon reaches the bottom of the pot!

1. Hold onto one of our plastic lids and reuse in the future

    Our current lids can easily be rinsed and reused for each new pot that goes into the fridge!

    2. Reusable lids are already available in a range of materials

    • By taking this step we will be contributing to a reduction in single use plastic which is already underway across the dairy industry.

    • There are now a number of reusable lids available that provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to single use plastic covers such as Beeswax wraps, silicone bowl covers or cloth bowl covers.

    • To help you find the best size our pots are 95mm in diameter.

    3. Decant the product into a reusable container

    Whilst you might not own a reusable lid just yet chances are you will have a reusable plastic container, Mason Jar or Tupperware at home. As long as the container has a secure lid that seals tightly and is kept in the fridge in line with our recommended storage you will be able to retain the freshness of your yoghurt.

      Commitment to a Greener Future

      We're excited to share that we are actively working on expanding the Environment & Sustainability section on our website. Our dedication to sustainability is an ongoing journey, and we want to keep you informed every step of the way.

      In this section, you can expect to find information into our sustainability initiatives to ensure sustainable business practices, and insights into the biodiversity at Clandeboye Estate.

      So, stay tuned for stories of positive change, and inspiring ideas on how you can join us in protecting our environment and fostering sustainability.